March 31, 2009

Gondola and 4 types of players

Gondola was our pyweek 7 entry. Based on feedback there and elsewhere I have concluded that, at least when it comes to Gondola, there are four types of players.

1. Those that wanted to optimize their networks. A player from this group can spend hours playing on just one map, trying to make things run better. The ideal group to be in to enjoy Gondola.

2. Those that wanted to solve a puzzle. They lay out their networks and then they're done. Either they don't realize it or it just doesn't appeal to them to go back and optimize their routs. Keeping these players going takes a lot of large and complex maps. Maps also require some sort of goal; something to work towards and be able to fail at doing. Which is something Gondola's current selection of maps does not provide.

3. Those that just want explosions. Gondola is similar to simcity in the sense that it is a simulation and a toy. There is no real goal other than to do better that you have before. But one thing that Gondola doesn't have that simcity does is explosions. There are no futureistic robots that come and wipe out your infrustructor. No fires, tordadoes or anything else destructive.

4. Those that just didn't get it. I guess the game, for some people, isn't explained well enough. I don't blame them at all because the tutorial really isn't that comprehensive. I wish I knew in what way they didn't get it though, so I could address the confusing aspects. A game, idealy, should not require any explination or even a tutorial in order to start playing; Something I am still trying to figure out how to do.

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